Free Advice on an 'Holistic Health Approach' to pre-exposure, post-exposure or infected with the Corona Virus  (COVID-19) including Long COVID 19 Details... 


£30 per 30 minutes

Weight Loss, Smoking, Cancer Support, Mental Well-being, Pain Relief 
Taking on Cancer, Depression and Anxiety 
Via Diet and Gi Gong Tai Chi
For a healing break - Andrew and Linda's Bed and Breakfast in Cornwall. We offer healing, Reiki, Thai Massage, Sports Massage, Sound Healing and Cornwall's best beaches on our door step. 


Thought Assisted Therapy

Includes a combined approach of mindfulness, positive thoughts, focused thoughts, meditation, visualisation, hypnosis, self hypnosis and relaxation techniques, including energy healing, qigong/tai Chi and more. The power of the mind to heal.


Andrew Gadd is now developing these processes to take on conditions including Cancer, offering pain relief and support.

Holistic Therapist & Consultant Andrew Gadd

Born in West Sussex, England, I, am an experienced holistic therapist that has worked professionally since 1995. As a therapist I trained mainly in Crawley, West Sussex alongside other highly skilled therapists. As a consultant I advise a complete holistic approach based on your personal needs, requirements and suitability to any recommended treatments. 

Now at the age of 56 years I have developed into a highly acknowledged therapist and healer. I have taught all aspects of healing skills believing that anyone can be taught this very natural process. 


Learn Healing - A Natural Ability

It is important to understand that healing is a natural process that happens all the time between people and animals. 

Developing this skill is like developing an artist skills by learning new techniques and ways to enhance  this process. Just as you would read books, watch videos or go to Art Classes, healing abilities can be developed using the knowledge and experience of others. 

There is so much information on healing it can be confusing and more so when written and talked about in so many different languages.

'Chi' or 'Qi', white light, energy healing, Reiki, colour healing, sound healing, soul healing, hands on, hands off and so on. A confusing mix. 

My videos will hopefully start to explain, give you direction and help you to develop your healing abilities. 

 Videos will be offered for free. 

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"Where Change Happens."

Holistic Health Consultation £30 per 30 minutes



Learn to Heal


Videos teaching how to work as a healer.

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Absent Healing


A process of sending energy in a form of healing from myself to anyone in the world       - £20 for three sessions

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Healing Consultation 


Advice on holistic therapies, exercises, healing and support to help improve your health £30

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'Talking with Spirit'

Online video channel teaching mediumship development.  Full details


Understanding what healing is.

Developing your abilities

Starting the process


Learning how to heal



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