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ONLY £3.99 - Meditations and Work Projects are free New YouTube support videos are being added over the next few months. 

Talking with Spirit

Talking with Spirit

Talking with Spirit
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Talking With Spirit

Talking With Spirit

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Healing Course Introduction

Healing Course Introduction

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Free support videos  via YouTube will be added over the coming months.

  1. We are all energy

  2. Connecting With Spirit


Talking with Spirit - Total length: 140 minutes      Special Features are Meditations and Work Projects.

A Psychic and Mediumship Development Course

"Talking With Spirit"

Andrew Gadd has produced a very useful training aid DVD for any person wanting to know more about or wanting to become a medium. This is like a good book, video and resource aid all rolled into one.  Philip Solomon.

I purchased your DVD course - it is excellent. I have trained in a few different areas but I have to say this is the most well presented and I'm really pleased I bought it. Thank you. Melissa.

Main Subject headings

Explaining the Wording

Understanding energy, body and illness

The Mind and Clearing

Death, Ghost and Other Entities

Communication with Spirit

The Importance of Healing Yourself and Others

Opening and Protection

Giving readings to others

Releasing Earth bound Spirits

Work Projects

Connecting with your Spiritual Helpers

Connecting with your Spiritual Self

Connecting with your Intellectual Self

Connecting with your Emotional Self

Connecting with your Darkside (Earth Guide)

Giving a reading

Chakra Clearing


Relaxing the Body

The Opening Visualization


Healing Visualization


Visualization, Entering The Light and Meeting Spirit

"Talking With Spirit" is a Psychic & Mediumship development course. This 140 minute DVD is written by Psychic Medium Andrew Gadd. He recommends that for the first time you watch this DVD you do so in order of each scene section, before returning to the different scene sections at your own choosing.

His recommendation is that you do no more than two of the work projects in anyone day and at least allow one hour for the minimum time for each study session. The meditations ideally should be done with your eyes closed and without distractions.

Q) Does everyone have psychic and mediumship abilities?

A) It is like asking can everyone paint; yes but like any art it will take practice and commitment.

Q) Can anyone learn to develop their psychic and mediumship skills?

A) Yes, but creative people may find that they learn it quicker.

Q) The DVD is not recommended for people with Mental Health illnesses, why?

A) Anyone with Mental Health issues should only undertake personal development with a one to one teacher.

Q) How long does the DVD course take to complete?

A) With watching the DVD twice and returning to different screen sections and practicing all of the seven work projects at least three times each: then it will take over 26 hours and at least 21 days to complete.

Q) Can taking drugs help you to develop psychic and mediumship skills?

A) No and I would strongly recommend that no unnecessary drugs are taken at any time.

The Team

Written and presented by Andrew Gadd.

Voiceover Artist Ruth Martin.

Reading volunteer Louisa Kossick

Audio and incidental music recorded, composed and produced by Mick Paul at "FrooSound Studios" Worthing.

Camera men - Chris Lean - Gray Osborne - Steven White

Location Sound Alison Stowold

Producer, Director and Editor Gary Osborne.

Co-Producer Andrew Gadd.

DVD Artwork by Joanna Eyre.

Executive Producer for (3p) Underground Media - Bryan Gartside.

(3p) Underground Media UK Ltd - Unit 1 Angells Estate, Spur Road, Quarry Lane, Chichester, West Susses. PO19 2PE Telephone 01243 841983

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