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Long Covid 19

There are at least four possible causes of lasting issues after suffering COVID 19.

With over 172 different symptoms which is many of the symptoms of most illnesses known.


The four main causes which you could be affected by and the possibility of having been affected by more than one of these.

  • permanent or long term organ damage to the Brain, lungs, heart or other parts of the body

  • post-intensive-care syndrome, this could be from the lack of movement to the treatment you received to save your life

  • post-viral fatigue syndrome, a more common issue in post viral infections than recorded

  • continuing Covid-19 symptoms, either still fighting the virus or the body continuing to fight the tissue that was infected


Many Viruses can have long term health issues, some even expected to last months. With people now reporting up to 170 different symptoms long term after having COVID 19, and with most people having some of these symptoms on and off monthly prior to suffering COVID 19.


So really hard to diagnose or treat with using multiple pills, creams and therapies, that can even cause even more issues.


Holistically with so many issues a very personal approach to each case is going to be required looking at every health issue prior to COVID 19. Also looking very closely at the new symptoms as well as any symptoms prior to COVID 19 that have got worst.

The biggest barrier to western GP interventions will be the time given to each individual case. No doctor can be expected to treat everyone with one treatment that could help treat in over172 different symptoms. What we must remember however, this was caused by one Virus in most cases. I say in most cases as you could be infected with two viruses at the same time, like some people were with Hep C and HIV, both spread sexually or via blood fluids. 


I wish I could publish a free treatment program that everyone could follow and feel the benefit of. However some of treatments and processes I would recommend would not be safe in every person suffering from Long COVID 19.  

So while I am happy to offer a free first consultation to see if I can help and offer a starting approach to beating Long COVID 19,  I am unable without funding to offer a totally free service at this time. I am offering support via donations as long as funding allows. 

Please use my booking form for more support...

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