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Coronavirus Advice Support

Fears of the Coronavirus are growing. New viruses evolving and infecting mankind, old viruses coming back from melting ice is nothing new. The newest issue is the speed of people travelling around the World and so the speed of

spread of any virus is new to mankind. Infections have always travelled around the World but they may of taken


The problem with such a fast spread rate is that lots of people are infected at the same time, not so much how many will be infected. 


Holistically how can we protect ourselves?

Firstly there is one true cure! 

Our own immune response successfully creating and producing enough antibodies to treat the condition.

A vaccine is a weaker version of the virus that we infect ourselves with so our immune system successfully produces antibodies, so if we become infected our immune system has a head start to treat the infection. A natural way of treating Chickenpox was to rub infected dead skin cells as a vaccine. 


So how to protect us from the Coronavirus. 

Washing hands may reduce or weaken the virus prior to you becoming exposed. Anything that can weaken the virus can give your immune system time to successfully respond and produced the needed antibodies. 

Secondly weaken other infections you may be carrying to allow your body to focus on the new virus and to also prevent them from making you ill while your body is responding to the new infections. 

Thirdly to boast your overall wellbeing so you are able to respond more effectually to any infection. 


Most of us know without some brain box scientist telling us that when we suffer from stress we are more prone to becoming ill.  

So relax, fresh air, time out from the fast pace of life as much as possible. Of course easily said then done. 

Good healthy food, not over priced so called health foods but fruit, and vegetables.  The great five a day rule.

The best way of eating lots of fruit and vegetable and my recipes are smoothies and soups. Also these allow added ingredients known for 1000's of years to help treat illnesses. 

The following treatments are to boast your immune system, to weaken other infections you may already be carrying or fighting and to weaken, not cure the new Virus infection while trying to give your body time to respond effectually to minimise the illness. 



Symptoms of the Coronavirus may vary. Take on each symptom with the following. Use tissues and washing hands to reduce infection spread. Stay away from others who you may infect.  

Sore throat. 

Treatment - 

Cleaning teeth and mouth washing on first symptom, from using salt water - medicated mouth wash - Water with lemon or lime added - 80% proof alcohol, not drinking it. You can use a combination of these a few hours apart throughout the day. Not doing anyone of them more that twice in a day. Eating  a tea spoon of pure honey, ideally locally produced and not imported.  You can do this up to three times a day to start. 

Two drops of essential Tea Tree oil with 5ml of of a base oil once  a day for three days. Rub around the neck and chest. Treat with the 2000ml of drink as stated as below. 


Treatment - 

Starve a fever, feed a cold. So start drinking water with added Lemon or Lime slices or both. 2000ml which is about eight large glasses a day.. Rest, ideally bed rest and if you experience a very high temperature seek medical support.  Essential oils two drops Tea Tree, one drop Clary Sage, one drop Eucalyptus mixed with 5ml to 10ml of base oil rubbed on neck, back and chest.   ​



Treatment -  

Same as the sore throat and fever. 

For any Flu, Colds or Corona Virus the recipes for the soups and smoothies are the same. The videos are to follow shortly.  For blocked nasal passages steaming can help with the two drops of Eucalyptus oil in hot water, no more than once a day, no more than three days in a row and never when feverish.  Over use can inflame the nasal so be counter productive.  

Chest Infection.

Treatment - All of the above. 

What is important is to hit first symptom with these treatments instead of waiting. The soups and smoothies can be used pre and post exposure or part of a weight loss diet, wellbeing, Gut health, supporting other dis-ease even undertaking Cancer treatment. I do offer advice from my membership paid area for other illnesses. 

Complementary, alternative and Holistic therapies are best for first symptoms or working along side other medical treatments. Also for improving your overall wellbeing. There advantage is you can use a few of them at same time, such as exercises. mediation, diet and therapies from reflexology to  healing. 

Seek medical advice if required - you and those around you need to make that decision.  Phone your local GP or 111 or 999 in the UK.  


Who and Why are some at risk from the Coronavirus.

The Coronavirus accesses the body by the eyes or month as a rule. It target cells for reproduction of the Virus in our lung cells. Once it’s invaded the cell it reproduces before causing the cell to die. It kills your lung tissue.

Any inability to cough irritants or infections out of the lung, or to carry them out through the sweeping action of hairlike cilia on lung cell surfaces could lead to more microbes staying longer in the lungs than normal. And that could lead to a higher risk of lung infection. Smoking damages your hairlike cilia. You need to stop now.

If you have healthy lungs than conditions for any infections to remain will be limited, as these conditions aren’t good for reproduction. Diseased lungs have lower rates of elimination and altered environmental conditions that permit the persistence and even reproduction of certain bacteria and of course the Coronavirus.


Deaths rates for the over 80 year old is running at about 8% of those infected. It is 0.01% for the under 18 year old. Most people it kills have underlying health issues. I would suspect two reasons. The conditions of the lungs and the effectiveness of the immune system to cope. Smoking, pollution, previous infection damage, general standard of health and fitness due to lifestyle such as the amount of exercise and quality of what you are eating will all impact on both lung condition and your immunity. Stress will add the risk as well as tiredness. This maybe why hospital staff are becoming ill with this virus while treating Coronavirus suffers. I would say age has an impact but after a lady recovering who was over 100 years old would mean age is not the biggest issue, it’s the overall standard of your health and more so with your lung health.


How does it spread in more detail. 
I am concerned not just about misleading information but even the professional mixed messages on TV and social media.

The Coronavirus (COVID-19) is spread by droplets of infected saliva or mucus from an infected person. This as rule is not an airborne spreading virus, so unless projected from an infected person either, coughing, sneezing or spitting in your direction. However in an enclosed home or building it may be possible for the Virus to remain in the air for awhile. The infected mucus or saliva being able to access your mouth or eyes. The spread is normally by leaving the infected mucus or saliva droplets on a surface which you touch and then touch your mouth or eyes or possible open wounds.


Social distancing, (Safe distancing) is remaining a safe distance from any projected infected droplets. So two to three meters from other people. Most of us have felt spit from another person when talking to us. When you are out and have touched any possible contaminated surface, the 20 second soap, warm water hand wash comes in. Alcohol 70% proof is only required if no access to soap and water. If you have handled something possibly contaminated which you bring indoors, it will need cleaning, your hands will also need cleaning.


Faeces may contain the virus but only likely to be infectious in severe cases of the infection where people are all ready having treatment. Possible in urine in these severe cases as well as blood in all cases. So no sharing needles.

Shielding - Vulnerable people need to isolate by keeping the safe distance from everyone who does not already live with them and ideally isolate with them. Ideally staying indoors or private outside spaces. All outside products de-contaminated before coming in contact with those in isolation and before coming into your home, such as shopping products. This Shielding is now being recommended for 12 weeks from NOW in the UK. 22/03/2020


Carers who enter your home must follow barrier infection control procedures. House cleaners or anyone supporting your needs should also follow the same procedures when in your home. Even if they are family members who are not living with you. Gloves, gowns, masks, hand washing are minimal requirements.


Healthy Eating

One of the reasons food are not proven to help heal is the fact that they break the food down to it separate chemical elements and test each part separately. Food works by eating the whole product and mixing it with other foods. Pills cause side effects because they are separate elements that are highly concentrated to have any effect. So long term they can also have health issues. Ideally 30 different vegetables, salads, fruits and nuts. Then herbs, pure honey and seasoning in any one week. 


Fish, eggs, meats, grains, dairy products in low amounts if desired and no more than two of them in a day. But try to avoid the same foods every day. PS we do not need cows milk! But small amounts if you desire. 


Avoid the process foods with all the additional ingredients to change colour, taste, or increase its shelf life. 


Then no diet meals required... No diet drinks as well as no sweeteners.required.


Root Veg Soup 

1 x small potato

2 x medium carrots

1/2 of red pepper

1 x Onion 

4 pieces of kale

1 x leak

1/4 of a teaspoon of Turmeric

A very small amount of ground Cinnamon

Black Pepper


Chopped up and put in a soup maker with add vegetable stock cubes x 2

Good for chest infections, anti- inflammatory, good for the Gut and all the health benefits that has. Good for weight loss. It really tasted nice. Cinnamon has been shown to have anti-viral properties as with many of the ingredients used.


Chilli Root Veg Soup

1 x parsnip

2 x medium carrots

2 x medium potatoes 

1 x very small bit of red chilli 

1 x Onion 

1/4 of yellow pepper 


Black pepper 

Vegetable stock


Cook in a soup maker or boil until soft and blend, then boil again. 

Good for cold like symptoms or cough. Avoid the chilli if your tummy is upset and maybe add a small piece of ginger root instead or add both if a very congested cold and upset tummy.