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Thought Assisted Therapy TAT. Includes a combined approach of mindfulness, positive thoughts, focused thoughts, meditation, visualisation, hypnosis, self hypnosis and relaxation techniques, including energy healing, qigong/tai Chi and more. The power of the mind to heal.

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Thought Assisted Therapies

Thought Assisted Therapies

Thought Assisted Therapies
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All Categories
Can Healing Cure Cancer

Can Healing Cure Cancer

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Breathing exercise

Breathing exercise

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Relaxing the body practice

Relaxing the body practice

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Sending back the pain

Sending back the pain

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TAT Programs are over 12 months. 2019 programs are supporting:

Just message your interest via our online form below or in our contacts or via Facebook. 

We will then contact you directly with a short questionnaire and advice. Cost £24.95 for full membership access to the membership area and all of the TAT programs, including our partner online Pilates and fitness website.

Thought Assisted Therapy


Supporting Illnesses and Disease and Improving Well-being.

Thought Assisted Therapies includes all of the following below.

Regular use can help with giving greater clarity, insight, peace of mind, and done correctly will support your overall well-being and health.

Different forms practiced for 1,000’s of years under different names most likely back to stone-age man. It’s still an important part of every religion and tradition.

But you don’t have to be religious and you don’t even have to believe it works for it to help.

Why people can benefit?

One of the main reasons people should consider its use is to help them to feel better, cure or not.

It can reduce anxiety and stress. It can be powerful in helping control problems such as:

  • pain

  • tiredness

  • difficulty in sleeping

  • feeling sick

  • weakness

  • possible Cancer growth rate, as yet not totally proven

  • improve the immune response rate, again not as yet totally proven

  • weight loss/control

  • giving up smoking

  • mental health

One of main reasons for TAT to not be proven in supporting beating issues such as Cancer is its lack of research, due partly but mainly as it has very little commercial benefits, unlike developing very profitable drug treatments. We hope to change that by raising funds, directing research projects and campaigning for global governments funding research.

  • With TAT it may take time to feel the benefits or work straight away. Regular practice is the key. Using different systems of Thought Assisted Therapy can be beneficial.

Types of Thought Assisted Therapies:

There are many different types of TAT.  Most but not all types involve being still and quiet. However some involve movement, such as tai chi, qi gong, walking, swimming or other forms of exercise. Some may include chanting or singing, playing musical instruments and using sound.


Mindfulness means being aware and present in each moment.

Mindfulness can be done while sitting down, walking, or any form of exercise. You keep gently bringing your attention and awareness back to the present moment whenever you notice that you are daydreaming or feeling distracted.

One way of doing this is to bring awareness to the sensation of breathing, or the sensation of movement using this as an anchor for the mind to come back to.


Focused Thought

In focused thought you use an object, such as any object, candle flame, open fire to bring your attention back to helping train your mind from wandering and day dreaming.


Visualisation and guided imagery using Focused Thought

In any visualisation you should create specific images in your mind. You focus your imagination to create these pictures and images for a specific reason, such as to relieve symptoms of cancer or help yourself relax. Here for the purpose of healing Cancer it is so important you use the right images and thoughts.

In our guided imagery (our guided visualisations), my voice directs your attention in a specific way to focus your thoughts, relaxing your body and mind. This could be done via my online videos, my online audios or online live video.

This will involve creating an image in your mind. Even if you are unable to see anything in your mind then just thinking about the images will be enough.

Transcendental Chants - Meditation

This method involves repeating a specific word or phrase (mantra) that I give you. These may have little meaning to your conscious mind but designed with possible powerful subconscious meaning.


In prayer, the benefits may vary according to your religion or views but my guided Prayer can be done by anyone, no matter what your beliefs are. No spiritually required for success.

TAT and Movement

Some traditions combine TAT with movement to harmonise body and mind. These include tai chi, qi gong, walking meditation, yoga and Pilates. We do offer Qi-Gong teachings and some TAT using the movement of ’chi’ (our body’s energy systems) to support treatment.



Some enhancements I do use are forms of self -hypnosis in our guided TAT. I always highlight which ones. The idea is to work on the subconscious so to continue the healing process long after you have completed that given TAT.

Why undertake our TAT program?

As an experienced holistic therapist and healer, using forms of TAT for supporting Cancer and other illnesses for over 25 years. There are many teachers, many therapists and many meditations for helping to support the healing process, but with my TAT I use enhancements and key words to support greater beneficial effects.  Importantly I do not use certain common words that are regularly used in other meditations and therapies that I feel maybe less beneficial in healing illnesses such as Cancer. I DO NOT SELL THIS PROGRAM AS A CURE. However I hope they improve your overall well-being and reduce side effects of other treatments.


Thought (Using the mind), Assisted (Assisting other treatments and the natural healing processes), Therapies (A therapeutic treatment).   Using TAT to support your present treatment programs and help in reducing any side effects of that treatment program, while increasing the chances of your treatments to improve your well-being and lead you closer to any possible cure.  However every TAT I designed I always developed with the intent to achieve a possible cure, (remission), common sense says that the likely hood would always be increased if used alongside other medical interventions. 

Research into TAT

Over the last 20 years, clinical trials have studied meditation and other thought assisted healing. We hope to continue, funding allowing, support this research. Using recognised research charities to enable our research projects to be independent. Cancer Research UK has with the NHS started to fund some research in this field. My fear is the results may not be as beneficial without the correct understanding of this therapy and how it can work. The wrong words used in guide meditations, the lack of ability of the clients due to no training of the mind prior and a lack of understanding of clients using this treatment will weaken the outcome. All this is what I offer to counter these weaknesses.

How do you practice?

All our TAT is guided until you can do them without:

You can do it yourself at home, live online or using our video or audio recordings.

You can learn how to improve your abilities via our tutorials.

We recommend for at least one of our TAT once a day. But even once a week is better than nothing,

Are there any negative side effects?

Generally safe and negative side effects are rare.

Talk to your doctor about any complementary therapy or alternative therapy that you want to try so not only they can have the full picture about your care, but also any improvement can be noted by them.

People who have any type of mental illness should ask their doctor.

How much TAT costs

We charge £24.95 full access to all of our services. We can offer monthly subscription to make these programs more affordable and allows you to stop then at anytime without continued payments on request. 

In the USA the average cancer drug price for approximately 1 year of therapy or total treatment duration was less than £7,500 before 2000, and had increased to £23,000 to £39,000 by 2005. In 2012, 12 of the 13 new drugs approved for cancer indications were priced above £78,000 per year of therapy.

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